Why does my site need a redesign?

Why does my site need a redesign?
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By Chad Heinle, VP Consulting Services

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First, let me say that this does not pertain to businesses without a website. I have watched more than one discussion on Facebook where posters stated that they were going to refuse to give their money to a business without a website. This really is just the world we live in now. If you do not have a website, go get one. I’ll wait.

So you have a website – can you remember the last time it was updated? Do you know how to edit content? Do you know why the content is organized the way it is? If you can’t answer these questions, odds are it’s been a while and it’s time for a redesign. If you need some more reasons besides age, keep on reading.


Is your website usable by today’s standards? Usability is a fluid concept, if you built a website that was usable 10 years ago, it may not be all that great to use today. As technology changes and has become such an integral part of our everyday lives, we need to look back and retool, revamp and re-examine what was done in the past.

Responsive design

Odds are you (or at least several people you know) have a smartphone. I am still amazed that I will occasionally run across a website for a medium or large sized company that does not have a mobile view to it.

Content management

If you have a content management system (CMS), it may be time to revisit to see what companies are actively maintaining their products so your site can be supported. This ties into the usability and security aspects as well since CMS systems that support their products are continually patching vulnerabilities and adding new features.


Think about money for a moment: a twenty-dollar bill was redesigned in 2003 to take advantage of technology which made it harder to counterfeit bills. Attacks against technology are constantly evolving, and are a continually changing landscape for defense by hosting companies and content management systems as well as programming best practices.

Feeling the pain

One complaint I hear so often about website redesigns are that they are a painful process. Websites are so often neglected and by the time you need to make a change, the undertaking is a monumental task because nothing has been done for years. If your car is getting an oil change every 3000 miles, why not put your website on a schedule? Regular upgrades and maintenance will keep it a fine-tuned machine that will go the distance for you and your business.