Content Strategy Crash Course

Content Strategy Crash Course
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Buckle Up for Content Strategy

Content Strategy Crash Course is a series of three webinars that will teach viewers to build content strategiesWaving crash dummy and develop best practices that will take their websites to the next level. Throughout the course of this series, registrants will learn to create content models according to the COPE model, learn to increase digital channel visibility and update SEO strategy,  learn how content strategy affects accessibility and how to create content that is compliant, and much more.

Due to the webinar series taking place on three seperate dates, you will have to register for the three webinars individually. You may choose to register for all three, or mix and match whichever webinars YOU are interested in! 

If you are unable to attend a webinar that you're interested in, feel free to register for it anyways. We'll make sure to send all registrants links to recorded webinars so that you can learn on your own time. 


Connecting Content: Creating Reusable Content Models

Tuesday, August 22nd

A key part of a solid content strategy is designing your content in the most flexible way possible. This is done by breaking content into ‘chunks’, making it easier to reuse. Chunking your content creates a model for maximum reusability, saving time and effort for content creators and developers. This model is often referred to as ‘COPE’ - create once, publish everywhere. The COPE model allows for:

  • Sharing content across multiple devices
  • Sharing the ‘chunks’ of content across multiple digital channels in a consistent message
  • SharePoint content across multiple areas in the same digital channel

In this web presentation, we will explore the COPE model and demonstrate how to build structured content models to align your goals and messaging.

Socializing Content: Increasing Your Digital Channel Visibility

Wednesday, September 6th

Writing content for search engine optimization (‘SEO’) isn’t just about moving your page up the result hierarchy in search engines like Google or Bing. SEO is about having well thought out, structured content that that search engine crawlers can fully understand – resulting in a better determination of the content’s relevance to the searcher.

The struggle with good SEO strategy today is the need for content editors and developers to integrate multiple practices in order to accommodate the much larger digital ecosystem that websites and their content exist in. The good news? Following a disciplined approach to SEO will also result in content that is more accessible in nature.

In this webinar, we will explore the various content optimization strategies. We will also take a closer look at the different systems which can be implemented into your day-to-day content practices, ensuring your messaging is well understood—by humans and search bots alike!


Watch the recording!


Compliant Content: Building Inclusive Websites

Tuesday, September 19th


The term ‘accessibility’ has many different facets. Accessibility generally refers to making content usable by as many people as possible. The most common accessibility concern is visual impairments. People with visual impairments often use screen-readers or magnified text. While being accessible to the visually impaired is important, accessibility goes beyond that.

In this webinar, we are going to explore what it means to build a truly inclusive and accessible website. You will learn how to develop your own best practices for managing a solid content compliance strategy that will ensure your message is shared across a diverse range of audiences.

This webinar will provided online only. If you have already registered, you will receive an e-mail when it becomes available. For more information contact