Our NEW Kentico Cloud Partnership

Our NEW Kentico Cloud Partnership
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By Joel Baglien, VP Business Development

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High Monkey Among Original Kentico Cloud Partners

High Monkey is excited to announce that we are officially a Kentico Cloud Partner. After Kentico announced the Kentico Cloud platform in November of 2016, High Monkey worked to become an early adopter of the program and in turn one of the very first partners. The Kentico Cloud Partner Program launches next week.

Last November at the 404 Conference in Las Vegas, Kentico announced that they would be offering a Cloud platform called ‘Kentico Cloud’. Kentico began the process of looking to find partners for this new platform and invited High Monkey to work with them to become an early adopter. A requirement of early adopters and Kentico Cloud partners was to build a website soon—and quickly—to better understand the platform and learn to leverage all features of the new headless CMS.

High Monkey knew that the Kentico User Group (aka ‘KUG’) website that we manage needed an overhaul and decided that the KUG website was the best place to start. For weeks, our VP Business Solutions worked with Kentico Partners and the U.S. Kentico sales team on high-level requirements for the new Kentico User Group website. Our developers built the site in their “free time”, and after a few months we were able to deliver the site on-time as an early adopter, securing our spot as one of the first 12 Kentico Cloud partners.

"When High Monkey learned about the new Kentico Cloud initiative in November 2016, we jumped at the opportunity to become one of the first partners to lead the way with a cloud-based project," said Joel Baglien, High Monkey's VP of Human Solutions, "The project we chose was the Kentico User Group website (kenticousergroup.org) because it provided a great opportunity to connect a dispersed and diverse community of Kentico enthusiasts and partners to Kentico-related events and information while using Kentico Cloud to manage and deliver content to the site."

High Monkey has been a Kentico Gold Partner, providing Kentico CMS and EMS solutions since 2008 and digital workplace solutions since 1998.

Find us on the Kentico Cloud Partner page.

Learn more about the Kentico User Group website by reading the KUG Case Study.

Watch our latest webinar “User Groups…Reimagined” to learn more about how we used the Kentico Cloud platform to build and manage the Kentico User Group website.