3 - 2 - 1 - Kentico User Group Website Launch!

3 - 2 - 1 - Kentico User Group Website Launch!
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High Monkey is excited to announce that the official Kentico User Group website launched on July 14th, 2017!

We've given the Kentico User Group website a fresh modern look, updated information, and added readily available resources for Kentico users. This new site was built on the latest and greatest Kentico platform, Kentico Cloud.

We built this new website with the intention to bring the Kentico Community closer together. In fact, the Kentico Cloud platform allowed us to give user group organizers the ability to update and add their own content from across the globe. Our goal is that the Kentico User Group will become an information clearinghouse of user group events, resources, and information.

To learn how we built the Kentico User Group site using the Kentico Cloud platform, Take a look back on the webinar that took place on July 19th.

About Kentico User Group

The Kentico User Group (aka ‘KUG’) was started in 2012 by High Monkey in an effort to bring Kentico User Groups around the world together. The Kentico User Group is now a collaborative effort by Kentico Partners to provide education, knowledge, and best practices to Kentico CMS / EMS users and those who are interested in learning more about the Kentico platform.

High Monkey and the Kentico community are working to get as many users and user groups involved in their user group community. If you’re looking to find a user group, start a user group, find Kentico resources and events, or just learn more about the community, check out the newly launched kenticousergroup.org.