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By Josh Kowalewski, Project Manager

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Monday – Task Management for Any Day that Ends in a “Y”
All too often, tools that solve “BIG” problems are complex and arduous. This quickly leads to discontent among the tools’ users, who will ultimately stop using the tool altogether just a short time later. What we all really need is a product that doesn’t force you to constantly adapt and adjust your thought process to suit the technology. The technology works for you, not the other way around. This was the philosophy that I used when looking for a Project Management tool that I could use with our team at High Monkey.
There were a few key items on my wishlist for this new tool. Some were (admittedly) more important than others, but all of them played an important part in deciding whether a tool was right for our team.
  1. Collaborative – Tool must allow all users to work together.
  2. Easy to use – Not too clunky, confusing, no unnecessary bells and whistles.
  3. Customizable – Some level of customization to tasks is a must
  4. Sexy – Bottom line: It looks good.
With literally hundreds of project management tools available, selecting just one is a daunting task. However, it did not take long for me to find one that I felt would work the best for our company.
“” is a task management and team collaboration tool that expands on the idea of a simple spreadsheet and brings additional functionalities to create a very visual representation of tasks. Team leaders create boards that are made up of customizable columns and rows. Each row is a task (also called a “pulse” by the creators of Monday) and each column is a characteristic related to the task. It is up to the creator to choose its value. These values can be chosen from a wide range of values including assignee, due date, status etc. interface 1

For High Monkey, this tool has been invaluable to our team when it comes to our daily standup meetings. Each day, we hold a standup with our project team(s) to review progress, assign tasks, and identify roadblocks to the success of the project. These meetings are critical to the success of our projects and it is very important to keep these organized and efficient so that we can maintain a clear path to success. interface 2

Since the interface is so user friendly, we are able to quickly add, remove, reassign and edit tasks during our daily standup without interrupting the flow of the meeting. This also allows us to open discussions regarding each project, and really ensures that no stone us left unturned.
Monday has given us the opportunity to better focus on assigning tasks and executing projects vs. spending valuable time sifting through emails and notes for information. It is robust enough to accommodate a large number of different projects and creates an easy to use atmosphere where the entirety of the project team can have full access to the entire life cycle of a project. We are looking forward to continue working with Monday and improving our processes along the way!