User Groups... Reimagined

User Groups... Reimagined
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User Groups... Reimagined with content delivery via kentico cloud

On July 19, 2017 the Minnesota Kentico User Group will be hosting a special web presentation. Virgil Carroll, High Monkey’s President and Principal Solutions Architect will be speaking about Kentico Cloud's content delivery services (sometimes referred to as "Headless CMS" services)


In this upcoming webinar titled ‘User Groups…Reimagined with Content Delivery via Kentico Cloud’, Virgil will provide an overview of Kentico's new Cloud approach to managing and delivering content. The Kentico User Group website was built using the Kentico Cloud platform and provides the backdrop for Virgil’s review of business and technical challenges. Virgil will provide an overview of the build process and how content is managed on the website.

The Kentico User Group website is set to re-launch on July 7th with content delivered via the Kentico Cloud's content delivery system.

Mark Your Calendar

This webinar event took place on Wednesday, July 19th (10:00 AM CST). The recording for ths event can be found on the Kentico User Group website.