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In my two months at High Monkey as an intern, I have been tasked primarily with researching websites in order to get a better idea of what constitutes a good website as well as what a bad website looks like. To help me sift through these websites, I have been introduced to two tools that allow me to see build information on websites as well as how good (or bad) a website is from an accessibility standpoint. These tools have been vital in to my learning process at High Monkey and are tools that can also help any company who is trying to check their own website.

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The first of the two tools that I have been using is, is a site that allows anyone to enter any URL into its engine and will then give information on the website’s accessibility. The information given allows me to decide whether or not the given site has good or bad accessibility. The reason that this tool is so crucial is because accessibility is something that High Monkey specializes in. Having a website that is compliant with accessibility standards is critical because it allows visitors who are visually or otherwise impaired to use a website smoothly. At High Monkey, we understand the importance of accessibility and strive to help our client’s websites be compliant.
The second tool that I use is, is a website that is similar to in that the user plugs in a URL and information on that website is then given. However, the information given is quite different, gives the user information on the site itself. For example, the content management system that is being used on the site. Other information that it gives includes but is not limited to the framework, widgets being used and web server being implemented. is another critical tool for me and my process of developing a better understanding of what we do at High Monkey as well as websites in general.

All in all, both of these tools are simple and offer a variety of benefits to the user. In my case, it has given me a broader understanding of websites and how they are built and maintained. However, these tools can also be used by you to check up on your company's website and see where it is at from an accessibility standpoint, which can be very beneficial to any organization.