Tools We Use - Slack

Tools We Use - Slack
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This Summer (2018) High Monkey is starting a blog series titled “Tools We Use.” The energy behind this blog series is to show you some of the tools that we use on a regular basis to either improve a process or to help us perform day-to-day tasks that we are responsible for. Now that understand what this blog series is all about, let’s get to it!

The tool I have chosen to write this first blog post about is Slack. High Monkey used Slack as our internal communication tool and it provided us with much more than that! According to Slack’s website, “Slack is a digital workspace that powers your organization – all the pieces and the people – so you can get things done.” Where this may sound like your standard marketing jargon, I can honestly say that I have very much enjoyed my time spent using Slack and would recommend it to anyone. From day to day communications with individuals on your team, to private channels between different groups Slack offers you a space where you can chat, organize, and just have fun with everyone in your organization!

One major role that Slack played at High Monkey is day to day communications. Where most companies use a tool like Skype for business or just rely on email or IM for their internal communication, Slack offers a space where all messaging is tracked in easy to navigate threads!  This is especially helpful when a thread is between two people. It becomes much more helpful in threads where multiple people are communicating together – in a conversation.  Threads eliminate the need to dig through copious emails to find what was talked about week, months, or even years previously.  Threads could be the best feature provided by Slack. Slack’s threads allow you to simply scroll back as far as needed in a thread with days and times clearly marked.  Even easier, is searching a specific thread with Slack’s built-in search functionality!

Another area in which Slack has had a positive impact in my work here at High Monkey dealt directly with the planning of Company social events!  You might be asking yourself, how can a digital workplace tool assist in the planning stage of Company outings? Let me show you!
Slack Poll
 As you can see in the image above with Slack’s extensive selection of Emoji’s you are able to easily create options for individuals inside your organization to vote by simply adding the corresponding reaction to the option of their choice. This made it much easier to see things at a glance and show everyone who was voting what the clear winner of the poll was!

One last area I wanted to touch on regarding Slack, and a major benefit of the tool, is the ability to set reminders for yourself. You can do this in two ways. By manually setting yourself a reminder or by selecting the remind me about this option available on any post.
Slack Remind Me
Slack I Will Remind You

Slack Remind Me about This
 These reminders have been extremely helpful for me in the case where I may be having a discussion with a team member which sparks an action item and I can simply click the remind me about this select in 20 minutes and after the conversation I than get a notification to complete a task that I may of otherwise just forgot about.

In conclusion Slack could be one of the greatest team communication tools that I have ever used. With the ability to have your day to day communication with team members, create easy to understand polls, and create action items by simply reminding yourself about a specific message this tool is a one stop shop for internal communication!