High Monkey at the Kentico 404 Conference

High Monkey at the Kentico 404 Conference
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By Joel Baglien, VP Business Development

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November 2 – 4, 2016

The Mirage, Las Vegas Nevada

High Monkey recently attended the Kentico 404 Conference at the Mirage in Las Vegas Nevada! High Monkey was one of the sponsors for the event providing event bags for all attendees!  It was a chance to reconnect with the Kentico teams from the US and the Czech Republic as well as network with other Kentico Partners and several of our clients. Kentico also announced their newest offering, the 'Kentico Cloud'!

Not only was High monkey a sponsor during the event, High Monkey’s Owner and Principle Human Solutions Architect Virgil Carroll was a conference speaker. Virgil’s presentation was “Negotiating the ‘Stupid’ out of UX Design" and was well received by 404 attendees.
Slide: Common sense - it's like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it.
Over 200 people attended the 404 Conference - most were from the United States however, several other countries were represented.  Kentico had a number of people from their technical and marketing teams from Brno, Czech Republic at the 404 Conference. The entire Kentico US sales team was also at the event.

For High Monkey, as a Kentico Gold Partner, the 404 Conference was an opportunity to connect in person with our Kentico Territory Sales Managers and a number of the Brno team that we work with on a regular basis. Of course, we always look forward to renewing friendships with many members of the Kentico team. We also participated in a number of planning conversations with other US Kentico partners to explore ways to improve the partner program and to create strategies for expanding Kentico's reach into the CMS / EMS space.  Kentico's recent inclusion in the Gartner 'Magic Quadrant' will make that conversation much easier going forward. A copy of the Gartner report is available for download.

There were a couple of major product announcements at the 404 Conference. Petr Palas, the President of Kentico, announced that the release of Kentico CMS/EMS version 10 is scheduled for the end of November 2016. Equally big news was the announcement of the Kentico Cloud, a set of fully integrated cloud services that includes Kentico Draft, Kentico Deliver, and Kentico Engage. Learn more about Kentico Cloud!

Some photos of the Kentico 404 Conference.
Photo of marketing displays at 404 conference
The Kentico product learning area.
Photo of joel and jessica
Getting into the spirit of the 404 Conference - Joel Baglien from High Monkey on the left, Jessica MacRoberts, Kentico Midwest TSM on the right.
Banner of the 404 sponsors for the conference
Kentico 404 partner sponsers (including High Monkey)

404 logo on table
The 404 logo showed up everywhere!
Petr, Virgil, and Joel
L-R: Petr Palas (CEO Kentico Software), Virgil Carroll (President / Owner High Monkey), Joel Baglien (VP Business Solutions High Monkey)
Buffet in large banquet hall
Lunch at the Mirage. General concensus was that we had some of the best and most varied food choices of any conference most of us have attended.

404 Conference signs making it easy to find a learning session.
Martin and Joel
L-R: Martin Hejtmanek (CTO Kentico Software) and Joel Baglien (High Monkey)

The evening of November 2, was game 7 of the World Series. A group of us Kentico partners were having dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse inside the Mirage the during much of the game. Of course we had the game streaming on one of the partner's phones - thank you Mike Ray from American Eagle. We would hear a loud cheer in the main gambling floor but we had an agonizing 5 second delay before we could see what happened on Mike's phone. Joel Baglien from High Monkey started reading some of the best tweets so we created our own low-tech multi-screen experience.  Fortunately we finished dinner in time to see the 10th inning win by the Chicago Cubs - a real nail biter of a game. It was one of the few times almost all gambling on the floor stopped because people were standing in large groups trying to see the game on any large screen near them. Even the dealers at the gaming tables  were distracted by game 7. 

A special thank you and note of appreciation goes to Iva Konecna from the Kentico team. Iva had arranged the 404 party for the evening of November 3 at the Chateau at Paris. The Paris lost power early in the day and Iva scrambled and somehow managed to move the 404 party to a venue named The Loft (next door to the Paris). This at the last minute in Las Vegas that was also hosting the SEMA Auto Show, the Professional Bull Riders Association, and serveral other conferences that week. Everything was packed! Thank you Iva!

A big "Thank you" to all who helped make the 404 Conference a success!