Socializing Content: Increasing Your Digital Channel Visibility

Socializing Content: Increasing Your Digital Channel Visibility
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"Socializing Content: Incrasing Your Digital Channel Visibility" was the second webinar in our Content Strategy Crash Course series. The webinar went live on September 6th at 10:00AM CST-- but if you missed it, you can learn on your own time with the slide deck and the recording of the web presentation

About the webinar

Writing content for search engine optimization (‘SEO’) isn’t just about moving your page up the result hierarchy in search engines like Google or Bing. SEO is about having well thought out, structured content that that search engine crawlers can fully understand – resulting in a better determination of the content’s relevance to the searcher.

The struggle with good SEO strategy today is the need for content editors and developers to integrate multiple practices in order to accommodate the much larger digital ecosystem that websites and their content exist in. The good news? Following a disciplined approach to SEO will also result in content that is more accessible in nature.

In this webinar, we explored the various content optimization strategies. We also took a closer look at the different systems which can be implemented into your day-to-day content practices, ensuring your messaging is well understood—by humans and search bots alike! 

Learn more about the complete Content Strategy Crash Course webinar series and register for the third webinar, "Compliant Content: Building Inclusive Websites" at

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