Left brain technologists – right brain creatives

Who (or what) is High Monkey?

We are a team of highly talented problem solvers, strategists, communication experts, designers and developers. We may be small in numbers, but we have big ideas that make a difference for our clients. High Monkey is a place where you are challenged to use both sides of your brain, and, you can do it surrounded by like-minded, hardworking people.

We take our work seriously, we work hard, but we also know how to have a good time. Our location in Northeast Minneapolis has us surrounded by amazing restaurants, brew pubs, and distilleries, all mixed in with renovated historical buildings (including ours), railroads, and the Mississippi River. It’s not unusual to see several dogs belonging to our team members playing and hanging out in the office. On the anniversary of your start date, we have cake (your choice). On your birthday the boss buys you lunch (again, your choice).

Scenes From the Jungle
Photo collage of High Monkey employees enjoying events and work


Our Client’s Voice

"High monkey is a wonderful digital agency that is easy to work with and always delivers on their promises. They not only helped us redesign our website but also assisted in revitalizing our brand. Their ability to create solutions for our unique needs exceeded our expectations, we are very happy with the end result. High Monkey’s responsiveness and overall value cannot be beat." - Jessica, Digital Marketing Specialist

"High Monkey was fantastic to work with. Having worked with them on several other projects, they were familiar with our systems and frustrations, and could provide solutions tailored to our needs. The integration was seamless between our Kentico environment and Funnelback. High Monkey’s team worked with our Digital Marketing team to ensure all elements were configured properly and the launch went smoothly." – Sara, Digital Marketing Manager

High monkey  by the numbers

Let's get to the important stuff. Learn more about the High Monkey team with the results from a recent office poll . . .

Collage of High Monkey activities


How did you get your name?

We hear this frequently, often followed by a laughing question about the word “high”. Here’s the real story. 

In 2006, co-founders Virgil Carroll and Joel Baglien were not liking the company’s name at the time (it was forgettable). Joel suggested “High Monkey” and they both laughed. Joel said he had been thinking about it for a while because of a saying he learned as a kid in Panama – “The higher the monkey climbs the tree, the more you see his ass.”  Joel and Virgil brainstormed some other names and then they called several current clients and friends to ask for their opinions of each name. A couple weeks later they called the same people back and asked if they remembered any of the names. Everyone remembered High Monkey or “something Monkey”. We wanted memorability, we got it. We’ve worked very hard to make sure our name is taken seriously, we got that too.

Now you know.

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