What we do and how we do it

  • We design, build, and implement websites.
  • We simplify complex information systems and make them easier to use.
  • We build search solutions that are easy to use and deliver great results.
  • We make sure your website is accessible for everyone with disabilities.
  • We configure SharePoint, Content Management Systems, Cloud-first CMS, and digital workplace solutions for your needs.
  • We deliver knowledge to you and your team so that you can effectively manage the solutions we create.
  • We strive to be your trusted adviser.

What We Do

Design and Build
Search Strategy
Accessibility and Compliance
User Experience
Website Design & Build
Search & Content Strategy
Accessibility & Compliance
User Experience Design

What Our ClientS Have to Say

Begin quotation mark for first testimonial   I loved working with the High Monkey team. They were very helpful in creating our website strategy, informing us on best practices, and creating a 
     beautiful, easy to navigate site. They made sure I understood every step of the process and happily explained things I didn’t understand. I appreciated
              their attentiveness, professionalism, and ability to add in just the right amount of fun. I hope to work with High Monkey on future projects.        End quotation for first testimonial

Darcy, Director of Digital Marketing & Communication

begin quotation mark for second testimonial            High monkey is a wonderful digital agency that is easy to work with and always delivers on their promises. They not only helped us
           redesign our website but also assisted in revitalizing our brand. Their ability to create solutions for our unique needs exceeded our expectations,
                                      we are very happy with the end result. High Monkey’s responsiveness and overall value cannot be beat.                                             End quotation mark for second testimonial

Jessica, Digital Marketing Specialist

Begin quotation mark for third testimonial When confronting difficult SharePoint challenges, we usually ask ourselves - or each other, "What would High Monkey do?" I know that sounds  a bit silly but it really works. We appreciate the guidance and wisdom you have given us over the years - and you know we still call you with the really tough questions   End quotation mark for third testimonial

 Sara, Management Analyst

Begin quotation mark for fourth testimonial   We reached out to High Monkey to assist us with our website redesign. From the first phone call, I could tell that they understood our company and our
    needs. They designed clean, simple templates that allowed up to keep content organized and uncluttered. The High Monkey team was very organized and a
   pleasure to work with. Highly responsive (especially during the testing and content creation phases when we had what seemed like a million questions a day). 
                                   They are a very professional team who made our website redesign process as painless as possible, and even a little bit fun!           End quotation mark for fourth testimonial

Elyse, Marketing Communications Specialist