Supportable Builds

Website design and builds done the right way!

So Many Monkeys . . .

If you put a thousand monkeys in a room with a thousand computers, eventually they could design a website for you. No one has that kind of time, and . . . imagine the smell. We are efficient and despite our name, we don’t smell. 

iPad showing the website designed by High MonkeyWhen our clients ask us to build them a website, they need us to be knowledge experts and guide them through the process of selecting the right content management system and build approach. There are a lot of steps and failure to launch is not an option for us or for our clients. If you work with High Monkey, here’s what you can expect . . .

1.  We help you decide on a content system that works for you. We have some tools we prefer and we only recommend tools that make sense.

2.  Before we start building , we create a “Build Book” that defines the form, features, and functions of your website.

3.  Your website build is defined by manageable sprints so you can see clear progress.

4.  We do extensive functional testing on multiple platforms and multiple browsers.

5.  Accessibility testing is a key deliverable for any website projects.

6.  Our website builds use “out of the box” content management system features as much as possible. We only use custom code when there is no other option.

7.  We want you to be able to maintain your website so we provide extensive documentation and knowledge transfer.

Then we Launch - Woo Hoo!

When your website launches, we are there to help you if you need us . . . but, we measure our success by ensuring that you are NOT dependent on us.

Our goal is to make YOU a hero