User Experience Design Services

Designs that work and stand the test of time!

More Than Buzzwords

We love designing websites but we don’t do it in a vacuum. Our clients are actively involved every step of the way. There are a lot of pieces that need to work in concert to create a website; UX workshops, card sorting, usability testing, wireframes, and an iterative design process.

Unlike a lot of digital agencies, we help you understand the entire process AND the approach we follow. The most important things you should know about High Monkey in advance are:

1.  All of our designs are unique! You never get a ‘cookie-cutter’ template or a re-purposed design.


2.  We focus on the needs of your website visitors. Every decision we guide you through is grounded in the needs of your end users.


3.  We give you knowledge, facts, and strategies to explain, and sometimes defend, your website and the choices you make.


YOUR Trusted Partner

If you want an agency that will agree with you and not push back, that’s not us. If you want a trusted partner that will keep you grounded and hates buzzwords as much as you do, that’s who we are.

If you want a website that you can be proud of and a relationship that makes work fun, we really should talk