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Real customer service in a digital world

For 25 years, we have taken great pride in providing top tier customer service for all of your digital needs. We are a team of highly skilled problem solvers, strategists, and communication experts. Our designers and developers are united in our commitment to deliver sustainable solutions that stand the test of time. Elevate your business with us.

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Trusted partner

Want to take your digital experience to the top? We have the tools and expertise to make it happen. Trust us to have your back and help you get there.

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Multi-faceted services

We are here to provide you lasting solutions through our variety of multi-dimensional services for any of your website or digital workplace needs.

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We’ve seen it all

25 years of helping clients navigate the digital landscape means we can handle any situation you throw at us - as long as it doesn’t involve a fax machine.

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Humor-fueled strategy 

A wise man once said: “Humor is like a vitamin for the soul” (we don’t know if anyone actually said that, but we prefer not to be boring while solving your digital needs).

Don't take it from us....

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Sara R. Business Design and Technology Director

When confronting difficult SharePoint challenges, we usually ask ourselves – or each other, “What would High Monkey Do?” I know that sounds a bit silly, but it really works. We appreciate the guidance and wisdom you have given us over the years – and you know we still call you with the really tough questions. View Project
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Norm P. Application Manager

Working with High Monkey has been great. Their attentive team have made themselves available throughout our engagement to assist with all aspects of the website build. They provided creative solutions for our varying needs but maintained an easy-to-use interface so we can manage the site moving forward. The resulting website has a great user experience and is easy for us to maintain. We’re planning to work with High Monkey on more projects in the future and would recommend them to anyone who has a complex website project. They are amazing! View Project
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Pam H. Chief Digital Experience and Marketing Officer

I have worked with High Monkey for well over five years on numerous website development projects, search strategies and initiatives.  They have the unique ability to take a look at project requirements, listen, ask questions and then add into the mix the vast diversity of knowledge, skills and abilities to make the final product outstanding.  I would highly recommend working with them on any digital workplace initiative. View Project