Education Minnesota

Education Minnesota is the largest advocate for public education in its state. Supporting over 70,000 members working in all positions throughout the education system and across the entire state, Education Minnesota’s website serves as the central hub for communication and distributing benefits to its members.



project type

Public Website


  • User Experience
  • Web
  • Usability
  • Public


Large, public website with a wide array of content,

Critical site content not being located by end-users,

Low site traffic,

Content needs for both the general public, and secured content for its 70,000 members,

Content security is layered depending on user’s access levels


Faced with this not uncommon scenario, we got our box of usability tools and went to work. We started by getting to know Education Minnesota a little better – what their purpose and objectives are as an organization, and by interviewing actual members and site users to understand what their needs were. We compared this to current-state web analytics and began developing or usability test. We again went back to actual users of the site and had them perform some tasks on the site – while we recorded their actions, thoughts and facial expressions. From the careful and experienced analysis of this data, we were able to develop an actionable list of recommendations and next steps for Education Minnesota to make changes that would have a proven impact on their user’s experience.