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Unemployment Insurance Website


The Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UIMN) program is administered by the Department of Employment and Economic Development. HM was engaged by MN DEED to redesign the existing UIMN.ORG to better serve both the citizens of Minnesota who are applying for unemployment benefits and employers who interact with MN DEED.

The UIMN website provides Unemployment Insurance information to approximately 250,000 unique visitors a year.

Project type: Public Website Platform: Tridion


Improved user experiencemobile responsive designCreate a sense of comfort
Goals of the UIMN project included:
  • Provide a user friendly design that is also mobile responsive for visitors using hand-held devices.
  • Create a friendlier, more people-centered website that creates a sense of comfort and confidence in visitors that they will find the information they need.
  • Find a balance when delivering content that makes it easy to read and understand while still using the procedurally and legally correct terminology required by the Minnesota State UI Program.


  • Reduce stress of newly unemployed applicants, fearful that the “the program will not work for them”
  • A redesigned website developed on sound, user-centered design principles – the site belongs to its customers, not to the UI Program
  • Design “breaks the mold” for what a government website should look like
  • Build within SDL’s Tridion Content Management System
  • A website that provides a focus on customer service and accessibility

Services Required

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Accessibility and Content Compliance
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Search and Content Strategy
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UX and DX Design
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Website Design and Build


We learned that when dealing with unemployment benefits, there are two primary and very distinct audiences: those who are requesting benefits (applicants), and those who pay UI taxes(employers and their agents). This unique audience dichotomy led us down an interesting path for redesigning the UIMN.org website, which including activities such as: requirements gathering, usability testing, card sorts, and HM’s iterative design methodology.

During one of the usabilty testing sessions, a woman who had recently been laid off said, "I just want to know if I'm going to be okay. Can I get help? How much and how long does it take?"  We embraced her questions as both a personal and professional challenge to create a website that would instill a sense of confidence and provide reassurance for Minnesota residents who are usually under some duress or feeling marginalized by the loss of a job or on-going employment.