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Hennepin County Minnesota, encompasses the City of Minneapolis and 44 surrounding suburbs. Approximately 1.3 million residents call Hennepin County home in an urban area of 607 square miles of which 53 are water – including the Mississippi River. A number of websites supported by the County provide digital connections and community to its residents.


NorthPoint Health Website Redesign Preview Image
NorthPoint Health Website Redesign

NorthPoint Inc. provides high quality social services, medical and dental care, as well as behavioral services to residents of North Minneapolis. NorthPoint also provides many enabling services such as transportation, culturally competent and multilingual staff, translation, assistance in applying for public programs, and a sliding fee scale.

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Hennepin County Website Preview Image
Hennepin County Website

Hennepin County had a short eight-month window to re-design, re-build, and launch the main County website. High Monkey brought together a coalition of Sitcore CMS, Coveo Search, and Atomic Data (web hosting) to meet the County’s aggressive timeline. High Monkey coordinated the efforts of these vendors while doing the build out of the website in Sitecore and the integration of Coveo Search.

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Hennepin County Library Website Preview Image
Hennepin County Library Website

Hennepin County Library is a national leader of library service, innovation, and excellence. The County has 41 libraries that serve over 611 square miles. The County Library website has the highest traffic of all Hennepin County websites.

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Hennepin County Attorney Website Preview Image
Hennepin County Attorney Website

The Hennepin County Attorney's Office needed a re-design of their public website with updated County branding and a consistent look-and-feel that would be responsive for use on multiple devices.

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Red Door Clinic Website Preview Image
Red Door Clinic Website

Red Door Clinic is a Hennepin County Public Health program that provides discreet and affordable sexual health care as well as education services, birth control, and counseling to those who need it. Red Door Clinic is Minnesota’s largest STD/HIV clinic and they needed a new website that would be mobile responsive and easier to use.

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Choose To Reuse Website Preview Image
Choose To Reuse Website

The Choose to Reuse Program helps people keep usable items out of the trash and obtain quality items without buying new by providing resources to sell, donate, buy, repair, and rent goods that may otherwise be thrown away.

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Green Disposal Guide Website Preview Image
Green Disposal Guide Website

The Green Disposal Guide provides lists of commonly disposed items and how to dispose of said item properly, including detailed lists containing information on drop-off facilities, fees, and alternatives to disposal such as where to sell or donate the item.

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Climate Action Preview Image
Climate Action

The Climate Action website showcases Hennepin County's climate action plan that is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The County has a goal of 'Net Zero' emissions by 2050.

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Sitecore / Coveo Upgrade Preview Image
Sitecore / Coveo Upgrade

In 2013 High Monkey played a significant role with the County in defining the hosting environment and specifications needed for multiple websites running on the Sitecore Digital Experience / CMS and Coveo Search platforms. Since that initial installation and environment setup High Monkey has provided a consistent presence in guiding Hennepin County through several major and multiple minor version upgrades to both the Sitecore and Coveo platforms.

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