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Climate Action

Hennepin County | Launched 2021

The Climate Action website showcases Hennepin County's climate action plan that is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The County has a goal of 'Net Zero' emissions by 2050.

Project Scope

The Climate Action website is contained within the HENNEPIN.US website environment.  The site is part of a broad initiative to create a more reusable set of content controls using MVC (Model - View - Controller).  Among the work performed by High Monkey was the creation of reusable content templates that can be put in place by content editors to create different page layouts. A new feature developed by High Monkey was 'modal slideout content drawers'. This feature provides Hennepin County's web infrastructure environment a new way to present a small page of information without having to move users to another page. Additionally, High Monkey optimized Coveo search to allow content drawers to be accessed by website visitors as content pages. Finally, the new Climate Action website contains a GovDelivery REST API form for newsletter sign ups.

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