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Hennepin County | Launched 2014

The Hennepin County Attorney's Office needed a re-design of their public website with updated County branding and a consistent look-and-feel that would be responsive for use on multiple devices.

Project Scope

Our Approach
High Monkey provided a responsive and consistent County branding and identity for the County Attorney website as well as additional functionality for news and press releases with the ability to sort and filter content.  We developed custom search configurations within the Coveo search engine that including features, functionality, and search result page styling.  

High Monkey built the website within the SItecore CMS with the re-usable templates created for the Hennepin.us website. We implemented County branding and identity standards and developed wireframes and page designs. High Monkey also provided a content tracking tool for the County staff to migrate their 200+ pages of content.

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