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Hennepin County | Launched 2014

Hennepin County Library is a national leader of library service, innovation, and excellence. The County has 41 libraries that serve over 611 square miles. The County Library website has the highest traffic of all Hennepin County websites.

Project Scope

High Monkey was engaged to design the County’s public library website to provide a responsive and consistent County branding and identity. The project included integration with third-party systems for the library catalog, events, book lists, and location maps. High Monkey designed and implemented faceted search within the County’s Coveo search engine. In addition to building the site with accessibility compliance, we prioritized the performance of the site for speed and efficiency due to high traffic and volume. With emphasis on accessibility-based design, we created a service-focused environment for the website to enhance the Library experience by integrating the Library catalog and list making capabilities. We also integrated ‘Program and Events’ services with the Library system and integrated Library locations and hours of operation into an interactive Google Map.

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