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Sitecore / Coveo Upgrade

Hennepin County | Launched 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020

In 2013 High Monkey played a significant role with the County in defining the hosting environment and specifications needed for multiple websites running on the Sitecore Digital Experience / CMS and Coveo Search platforms. Since that initial installation and environment setup High Monkey has provided a consistent presence in guiding Hennepin County through several major and multiple minor version upgrades to both the Sitecore and Coveo platforms.

Project Scope

Because of the multiple websites provided by the County, minor and major upgrades to Sitecore and Coveo are not a simple push of a button. The process typically requires High Monkey to conduct an isolated test upgrade to identify if there are any features or custom code that may cause web pages to display incorrectly or other website functionality to act in an unusual manner. Once those issues have been identified and a mitigation plan created, the versioning upgrade(s) can be applied to the County's various web and database servers.

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