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Land O Lakes | Launched 2017

The Land O‘ Lakes Kiel Cheese Plant is located in Kiel, Wisconsin. The plant has 99 employees and runs 24/7, 361 days a year. The award-winning plant produces 40 pound blocks of cheese, mostly cheddar, 220,000 pounds of cheese on a daily basis—that’s 78 million pounds of cheese every year!

Project Scope

Our Approach

Land O'Lakes wanted High Monkey to create a single-page, long-scroll, yet easy to use website as a marketing tool to show customers where their cheese comes from and what it is like to work in the award-winning cheese plant. The High Monkey team customized the page with a development approach that enabled moving parts and many different sections on a single page.  Additionally, High Monkey built out flexible functionality that allowed the website editor to pick and choose where items were placed and how annimations moved via custom styling and javascript.

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