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Discprofile Website Redesign

Launched 2020

The DISC®profile website was originally re-designed and built by High Monkey using the Kentico Portal engine in 2019. Subsequent project phases included the build-out of full e-commerce capabilities, tax functionality implementation, and multi-lingual options. High Monkey re-developed the newly launched DISC®profile website using the Kentico Software MVC development model to provide 'forward-compatibility' and code re-use for multiple websites.

UPDATE: DISC®profile website received a January 2021 'Site of the Month' Award from Kentico Software.

Project Scope

Our Approach

Notable MVC development efforts by High Monkey included:

  • A 'Transformable Widget' - this content widget allows content and images to be displayed in multiple views with a variety of columns and image placements
  • A flexible content model that allows for the addition of content sections and content directly within the page
  • The merging of a pre-exiting Canadian DISC®profile website into a single North American website for DISC®profile  information and purchases
  • A consolidation of the Kentico website platform for both the DISC®profile website and PPS' TalentGear website
  • Custom Integration of tax models for both Canadian and US online purchases
  • Extending the e-commerce model to include product 'bundling'
  • The build-out of a customized guest checkout model
  • Development around an asynchronous model to load page data in the background and improve page load times
  • Creation of custom product codes and multi-lingual product options in English, French, and Spanish
  • Customization and optimization of the Cludo search platform for products, blog posts, and DISC®profile content

The PPS Team was pleased to find that Kentico's new page editor delivers a much improved user interface.  Content widgets and Sections were improved, making them simultaneously more 'free form' while including controls in the development side that will only allow content to be added in a way that will display correctly.  The PPS Team also appreciated that the new editor allows widgets to be moved to create custom page layouts without affecting site-wide templates.

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