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Royal Credit Union | Launched 2020

Royal Credit Union engaged High Monkey to replace the simple search tool on their current website. Their old search did not have auditing tools or the ability to provide market analysis. High Monkey first implemented Funnelback Search within RCU's existing content management system then we re-implemented Funnelback within the Kentico CMS in 2020.

Project Scope

High Monkey conducted an extensive analysis and provided in-depth documentation on best practices for the RCU Team to analyze their web search results data and to 'fine tune' Funnelback for optimal searching.  We also provided guidance on identifying duplicate titles and content reading grade levels as well as the frequency of content refreshes and how to implementation and use searchable metadata. 

During the Funnelback Search implementation in Kentico, High Monkey created a custom built search webpart. This webpart allows RCU to place search results on any page of the site - a feature for future capabilities.  We also provided knowledge transfer sessions to help the RCU team deepen their backend knowledge of FB. The Funnelback Search Implementation was done in coordination with the launch of the new RCU.ORG website in 2020.

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