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Royal Credit Union | Launched 2020

The new RCU website was an eight-month redesign and development project that utilized the power of the Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution and Funnelback Search.  High Monkey collaborated with the internal RCU digital experience team to design a flexible, scalable web solution to meet their Member’s needs now and into the future.

Project Scope

Our Approach

High Monkey implemented an office and ATM locating module utilizing the Funnelback search-based content delivery framework, including geolocation) and integration with RCU’s 3rd party location service to supplement results with its extensive shared branching and ATM location network. We created a re-usable widget framework, leveraging RCU’s established design patterns and practices, to provide RCU with ready-to-go components to quickly build and change pages and content dynamically in the ever-changing financial sector.  The High Monkey Team also developed integrated CMS modules for internal lifecycle management of RCU’s extensive interest rates, disclosures as well as site and system-wide alerts.

Website Development

High Monkey used Kentico 12’s market leading MVC development model to leverage best-in-class coding practices with the ability to completely separate out the presentation layer from content management.  The end result is an efficient loading, more effective website delivery.  Kentico's comprehensive toolset made for a faster overall build to deployment cycle. Working with the internal RCU digital experience team, High Monkey also implemented the Funnelback search engine.  RCU needed a search engine that not only served up content, but also one that gave their team the ability to help lead their Members in the right direction despite possibly wording, spelling or understanding challenges.  Funnelback provides all of this functionality through a comprehensive suite of tools to assist the RCU team in the tuning, curation and management of its search and content strategy.

Industry Kudos for RCU.ORG

Royal Credit Union won a 2020 Diamond Award for their newly redesigned website. Diamond Awards are given annually by CUNA, the Credit Union National Association and recognize the 'best of' among the community of credit unions. Unfortunately the 2020 award presentations were virtual because of the COVID-19 pandemic however, that did not diminish the honor and prestige of Royal Credit Union's Diamond Award. High Monkey adds our congratulations to the RCU team on their 2020 CUNA Diamond Award!

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