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Launched 2017

VHB needed a new website that better represented who they are as a company while improving usability, user experience and ease of managing the site with SharePoint.

Project Scope

Create a website architecture and templated environment that can be easily managed by the VHB web team after the site launched and provide a website that is fast loading for visitors with lower bandwidth or slower browser performance.
Our Approach

UX & DX Design
High Monkey created a new information architecture and way of presentation of information, primarily extensive lists of projects, services, markets and sub-markets, to users in a way that was meaningful, yet simple and intuitive.

Website Design & Build
The design included using large images without hindering performance and mobile responsive design that adapts to a variety of screens without losing any visual impact.  High Monkey also adapted JavaScript within SharePoint and provided a simplified site administration for easier content management.

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Tools we use

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