Accessibility & Content Compliance

Auditing – Compliance – Maintenance


Accessibility matters . . . a lot!

Yes, Accessibility is a legal requirement but more than that, Accessibility is the right way to treat visitors to your website. Some visitors to your website may be persons with a disability or may be using alternate access devices to navigate, read, and comprehend your content. There are three essential questions you should be asking about Accessibility.

1.  Does my website comply with 508 and WCAG standards?

There are some great tools to help you look at your public facing or internal websites and identify Accessibility issues.


2.  After I identify Accessibility problems, how do I fix them?

Your Accessibility issues could be embedded within templates or master pages, or they may be unique to content or images on individual pages.


3.  My website is Accessibility compliant . . . how do I keep it that way?

No small task if you have multiple web editors or developers who may be creating pages, templates, and other content and design elements.

The Big 3 - Auditing, Compliance, Maintenance

At High Monkey, we look at Accessibility holistically with services for Auditing, Compliance, and Maintenance. No surprise, our three services match up to the three essential questions you should be asking about Accessibility.

If you are interested in a free basic Accessibility Audit report for your public website. Access our talent