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Search that delivers poor results is not a strategy!

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We see it over and over.  Visitors to a website glance at the navigation, do not see what they are looking for, and go immediately to search.  If what they need is not in the first 5 results, they often abandon your website.  In usability testing, we see that people in their 20’s and 30’s often assume content does not exist if they do not see something relevant in the first 5-10 search results.  The same thing happens when internal audiences can’t find the information they need on a company Intranet or portal.  Tough crowd . . .

Search IS rocket science – and art – combined.  Search within your website is only as good as your content strategy. You need both to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time (and, on the right device).

We are search experts – no bragging - but we are. By default, we are also content strategy experts.  Search isn’t a DIY project, there is just too much to consider. At High Monkey, we help our clients implement site search (for internal or external websites) and create a strategy that delivers highly relevant results.  That’s only the first step.  If you want search to be successful, you will need a Content Information Architecture that simplifies content naming, content metadata rules, and content structure.  You will also need to know how to analyze website use and search patterns to curate, promote, and deliver meaningful results to your website visitors.

Our goal is to make YOU a hero!

What we're up to

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Funnelback Search Integration Royal Credit Union
Royal Credit Union engaged High Monkey to replace the simple search tool on their current website. Their old search did not have auditing tools or the ability to provide market analysis. High Monkey first implemented Funnelback Search within RCU's existing content management system then we re-implemented Funnelback within the Kentico CMS in 2020.
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Funnelback Implementation Chippewa Valley Technical College
CVTC implemented a Kentico CMS powered website to deliver a better and more search-friendly experience for current and prospective students. The CVTC team identified the objective of search optimization, especially for course description pages, to ensure that students and professors could find the content they needed with ease.
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From setting up the original demonstrations to organizing the Funnelback trainings, High Monkey was fantastic to work with. Having worked with them on several other projects, they were familiar with our systems and frustrations, and could provide solutions tailored to our needs. The integration was seamless between our Kentico environment and Funnelback. High Monkey’s team worked with our Digital Marketing team to ensure all elements were configured properly and the launch went smoothly.

Sara Digital Marketing Manager