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High Monkey became one of the first solution partners in the United States for Funnelback Search in 2016. The search engine software is based in Canberra, Australia but has burst into the American search market in a big way in recent years.

Funnelback SocksWe are normally pretty reserved – in a Midwestern sorta way - at least when it comes to expressing excitement over a partnership or a product. Although High Monkey is ‘technology-neutral’ we are OVERTLY excited about Funnelback and why we think it an excellent tool for site and enterprise level search and a perfect replacement for Google Search!

The short version – Funnelback Search provides Site Search, Enterprise Search, Marketing Dashboard, Accessibility Auditor, Content Auditor, SEO Auditor, and Hosting (installed or dedicated hosting).

To save you some time, we have a feature-by-feature comparison of Funnelback vs Google Search available for you to download. It’s worth reading:

Also, no other High Monkey Partner has inspired us to take photos of our socks - until now!

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Our Client's Voice

Quotation mark   The old search platform for our public website was difficult for our Marketing staff to use and required a high level of technical ability to control the search results. Knowing we were struggling with our current system, High Monkey suggested Funnelback. This platform delivered on everything we wanted from a search engine and more. It provides a user-friendly marketing console allowing our team to quickly and easily modify search results, full flexibility in configuration and customization of search collections, and, as an added bonus, a robust accessibility check which will allow us to improve the content and convenience of our sites.   Quotation mark

Sara, Digital Marketing Manager